Samuel Adams Longshot Mile High Barley Wine Ale

Samuel Adams Mile High Barley Wine Ale
Samuel Adams Mile High Barley Wine Ale

I had the chance to try the final of the three Samuel Adams Longshot Beers: Mile High Barley Wine Ale.  Just like the name states, it’s a barley wine, which is a strong, malty ale.

Initially, it smells like caramel and plums.  It was very smooth, and had a very heavy mouthfeel.  Coming in at 9.8%, it is a nice potent ale.  It finishes with a strong caramel flavor and was slightly hoppy, and had a nice balance. It was created by Ben Miller from New Mexico.

What did you think of the Mile High Barley Wine?

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  1. One of my favorite beers I have ever tasted. To me its right up there with Three Floyds Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout. I know its a completely different kind of beer but both are very good.

  2. this has been my favorite beer… truly is a great brew. I wish he would open his own brewery and sell this beer all year round.

    Its just so damn good

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